Top 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kits

Welcome to another year of exciting fantasy baseball.  As we do every year, Fantasy Baseball Fetch brings you the best draft kits and player rankings of the 2012 season with our exclusive commentary on the draft kits. All the draft kits and player rankings I review are FREE.  Why pay for a draft kit when you can get it for free.  Right?

Fantasy Alarm 2012 Draft Kit
FBF Grade: A+

The guys over at Fantasy Alarm give you a great draft kit complete with separate positional rankings.  These rankings are put together by Jeff Mans, who I know very well.  Jeff is not your common let’s check out the stats and rank them type of guy.  Jeff is a risk taker and a prognosticator who looks beyond the numbers just like myself.  He and Ryan Hallam won’t be afraid to tell you what up and coming players will jet to the top.  I love these rankings and after reviewing them I was a bit jealous because I couldn’t find much to disagree with.  Just note, using Jeff’s rankings are like using mine.  Big reward and big pay off, but with that comes a lot of risk.  With these rankings is Go Big or Go Home.

Pro Fantasy Baseball 2012 Draft Kit
FBF Grade: A+

Chris over at Pro Fantasy Baseball always puts up a quality draft kit because he thinks like me.  Probably because he is my brother and I taught him everything he knows.  While he may disagree with that, you can’t disagree with his results.  I love that Matt Kemp is #1 overall.  Chris is a stats man who generally goes by the last three years of performance with a heavy emphasis on the next season and if the player is in decline (regression) or coming into his own.  It comes with a top 300 and positional rankings.  An overall great draft kit.

Fantasy Sports Empires 2012 Draft Kit ($4.99 and worth every penny fifty times over)
FBF Grade: A+

Every year Jeff Boggis produces one of the best and  most complete draft kits known to man.  In 2012 he has not stopped amazing me.  First of, his draft kit covers all aspects of fantasy baseball.  You have Al/NL only rankings, mixed, and auction leagues. His rankings are broken down by position or the top 300.  He even provides his customers with a tier system and round position.  That is one of the more interesting pages of the draft kit.  Letting the average fantasy manager know what round to take a given player in is a fantastic tool for anyone who has gotten stuck under the gun to make a pick and they get just get stuck.  Not if you have Jeff’s draft kit.  As for his rankings, I love them.  It’s a great mix of statistical analysis combined with  the scouting principles that are so sorely missed by most player rankings.  I love that Matt Kemp is #1, Cargo stayed in the first round, and Mike Stanton is top 25.  While I disagree with some of his closer picks, he still gives you great analysis in that area.  I love his rankings  of pitchers as well.  One thing I’ve learned in my 10 years in this industry is don’t jump the shark on pitching.  It’s always best to remain conservative and to remember that just because a pitcher has a bad year doesn’t mean he’s a bad pitcher and vice-versa.  Jeff nails that.  His conservative approach to ranking pitchers is not only smart, but a winner.  Since I’ve never beaten Jeff Boggis in any league and I always end up congratulating him on a great win, this is your draft kit.  Get this one and you will be happy and a winner.


FF 2012 Draft Kit
FBF Grade: A

Every year I look forward to seeing what the guys over tat will produce.  Their draft kit is one of the more detailed draft kits that offers everything from cheat sheets to advice to auction dollar values.  Best of all, it’s free.  They have a long-standing tradition of being more conservative on their projections and for the most part they seem heavily dependent on prior year numbers and numbers from minor league play.  Regardless of how they produce their draft kit, it’s one of the better draft kits in fantasy baseball.

Fantasy Baseball Tools
FBF Grade: A

Industry legend, Todd Lammi brings you his detailed player rankings for free at Fantasy Baseball Tools. Todd breaks his rankings down by position and also gives you a detailed view of closers based on his tier system.  His work is outstanding and I love the rankings.  As of 1/25/2012 his closer tiers have not been updated, but I’m sure they will.  Todd Lammi is a veteran of fantasy baseball and his opinion on players is well-respected and should be ny anyone using his site.

Bleacher GM
FBF Grade: A-

Jeremy Manning og Bleacher GM brings his self-styled player ranking to the 2012 stage.  Not only does Jeremy provide you with a top 250 players, but he also break them down by position.  Now, while I was disappointed with the depth of players in each position, I was very pleased to see that he provided statistical projections for all players.  I’ve been watching Bleacher GM (also ClubHouseGM) since last year, I like the work Jeremy is doing.  His rankings are not radical by any means and are highly based on current career stats and his own future projections.  While he isn’t radical, he is willing to take a risk now and then like placing Jose Bautista so high, Hanley Ramirez out of the first round, and Carlos Gonzalez far back.  While I don’t agree with all of that, I appreciate experts who will go against the grain to produce winning results.